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Part 85: Operational Report: 01/03/42

Wait wait wait! Its still the 1st somewhere in the world.

I'm upgrading my main computer, but have had a few problems with it, at the same time, my laptop craps out, leaving me fuming and storming around the house trying to get something that will connect to the internet.

So this morning I've spent an hour and a half getting my laptop fixed just to make this post.

More troops go ashore at Kwajalein, but the fortress protecting the island lays into the unloading ships.

The task force if forced to retreat from this fire, leaving most of the men still aboard the ships.

The Mississippi comes under attack again today, but the enemy fail to get any hits on her.

The Imperial Air Force also make a run against the San Francisco, but are again unable to get a hit on the target.

in the afternoon, they shift their attacks to the troop transports, getting a torpedo hit on the Admiral Chase.

Despite orders to the contrary, the commander of our forces on Eniwetok launches another shock attack, this one has little in the way of casualties, but does make ground, taking the last of the enemies prepared defences.

The Dutch subs make a desperate last attempt to stop the invasion of their lands, and the KXIII strikes at a approaching ship.

Planes out of Makassar raid Loemafjang today, but the one Hawk fighter we can put into the air disrupts the raid and claims a kill.

Batavia gets hit as well, our planes unable to stop the bombers from attacking the runways in the area.

The battle on the ground continues to be small scale, but the enemy are landing more and more troops all the time, so this will not continue.

The carriers are prowling around the south of the Island now, and their planes hit a troop convoy moving to the south. I'm going to have have to send men the longer way around now.

The Sumatran bombardment continues, the enemy seem to be spending a day focusing on each of the major areas in the south, today is Djambi's turn.

The Stingray is hunted by a cruiser off the coast of Japan, it seems that the enemy mean business here, using such a powerful ship to protect a couple of light freighters, they must have been carrying something of value to the Emperor.

Surviving this, the Captain of the Stingray decides on easier prey, but is thwarted by our superior torpedoes.

The ground war in China continues as it has for years, brutal but localized, another Japanese attack south east of Sinyang is repulsed today.

So, not major disasters or victories today, but looking over the scores, I notice a 200 point jump in the Japanese ship losses.

But, you say, you only claimed a 3 point small freighter, while losing eight ships near Java, where did those points come from? I turn to the operational report.

The motherfucking Fuso is back on our board! Its taken a month, but now Intelligence think we actually got her when we last visited Wake.

I make that a good day, If its true.

My plans for the next month are as follows.

1) Stop losing battleships.
2) Investigate the possibility of sending a second wave into the Marshall Islands, or at least populate Wake and Eintowke with bombers to neutralize the airfields there.
3) Prepare Port Moresby and Australia for a possible invasion.
4) Once the troops have arrived at Fiji, consider another invasion of Luganville, this time with support from the Royal Navy. - Also consider the transferring of carriers to the area to support the attack and protect Australia.
5) Try and halt the enemies advance into Burma before they reach India.
6) continue to bleed the enemy dry in China.
7), 8) and 9) Sink a Japanese Carrier.
10) Profit!

So, that is the state of play for the first three months of the game. that 84 turns of uninterrupted (YESTERDAY COUNTED!) war filled goodness. that may not make this the longest running LP here (yet!), but it must be one of the most consistent.