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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 852: Operational Report: 06/04/44

Oh Crap, that CVE we lost yesterday was not from the retreating ships as I thought, but from the supply convoy I forgot to cancel! It seems that the Iwo-Jima débâcle is not over yet!

The Queen Elizabeth is on her way home, but she collects another trophy on the way.

While on Lautern, we continue to wipe the enemy out, they should break any day now.

I need to rest the men at KIAfeng now, but they have done their job for now, the Japanese are low on supplies, and while my men can recover, they cannot.

A fairly quiet day, I spent most of it waiting for the waves of suicide bombers coming in at Iwo-jima, I got away with it however, and some supplies have been delivered to the remaining troops on the island.

Captain Kennedy did not even wait for my orders before ordering his task force to withdraw!