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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 854: Operational Report: 08/04/44

Let it not be said I have completely abandoned the men on Iwo-jima, I have sent some carriers out – mainly to support the Supply convoy.

NO, I didn’t forget about these guys as well, what makes you say that?
The Japanese send a few planes out, but we deal with them well enough.

We find another ship in the afternoon.

I do think the men on Iwo would be more conferted by this if they were bombing bloody Iwo-jima!

The enemy make another wave to pummel the now destroyed runway at Rangoon, those support units can't get there soon enough!

I've had ships at Ambon for a few days, loading up the troops there to hop on to the next island. The Japanese finally realize this and send in their planes.

I thought I told you guys to rest?

Another day over, and we did a little damage to the Japanese merchant fleet! Not that its counted as ships sunk or anything.