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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 856: Operational Report: 10/04/44

The Japanese bypass Rangoon to hit Prome, but I have a few fighters here now, things to the north are getting better,

They do get through to the runway in the end however.

Our forces reach Moulmein, and are stopped by a well dug in enemy force.

Our bombers manage to get a few hits today. The number of Zero's is increasing though.

The carriers have a poor day. At least their hitting Iwo-jima, and supporting the morale of the troops defending there.

The crack suicide division comes in over Namlea.

Yeah, maybe their running out of good suicide pilots? Their Helens are staying conventional however.

The actual battle for the Island is not destined to last long.

There is another attack at KIAfeng. Its not going to be an easy fight is it?

Another progression day, things are looking up for me, even if this has been a fairly poor month for me overall so far.