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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 857: Operational Report: 11/04/44

I watch the same mini sub sink for about the twentieth time.

Then the twenty first time, then the twenty second......
Then I see Helens over Namlea.

While on the ground I clear our the last enemy units and secure the island.

Further south, Lautem falls as well, making this a good day in the DEI.

Fighters over Rangoon. Doing poorly, but their over the Rangoon.

Off the coast, another random fleet comes under frantic kamikaze attack. This is the normal attack on the damaged fleet.

The men at Moulmien are forced to retreat, but at least they take out an enemy unit while their doing it.

The Japanese attack the men I was forced to abandon on Iwo-jima.

Another good day ruined by suicide bombers. At least none of those ships attacked have sunk, and taking two bases is good. The men in Lauterm are moving across to the next base in the chain, the Namlea men are going back to Darwin to resupply before I move on.