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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 86: Operational Report: 02/03/42

The destroyer Shawcontinues to provide fire support for the troops on Eniwetok, as it has every day since the invasion began.

The troops however, do not spend much time fighting, being to exhausted to mount a proper attack.

Once more, I'll send orders for them to rest, lets see if they listen to me today.

At Wake, the enemy have moved a carrier force into the area, they strike at the ships moving the bombers to the island. I'll have to see If any of our ships can get back there in time to engage these ships.

One of the troops ships moving towards Wotje is sunk with some losses as it approached the area.

The I-172 makes a mockery of our supposed anti sub forces around Sidney and bags herself a freighter.

I receive news from the Skipjack, who continues to hunt in the Makassar straight.

After hearing this, I had to be forgivably restrained after I was found trying to fire the man responsible for designing our torpedoes out of the rear tubes of one of our submarines in port. I'm not sure what came over me, I just had visions of one of their modern cruisers at the bottom of the ocean.

Soerabaja is raided again, and we lose a Dutch submarine and a tanker that has put into port for some reason.

The Japanese bombers perform their southern most raid yet, hitting Koepang in Timor, we lose a plane on the ground as the unsuspecting aircrews are caught by surprise.

After spending a week unloading troops, the Japanese finally attack Palembang, and quickly overwhelm the defenders.

Changsha takes another beating today, at least the enemy are not causing to many casualties in their attack runs.

While at Sinyang, we see a bloody day of fighting as the enemy take the last of our fortifications from us, tomorrow may see the final day of this battle, as they now have a large number of crack troops in the area.

The main point of interest today is the arrival of those carriers at Wake. Its a shame we had to lose a squadron of bombers to find them, but lets try and turn this to our advantage.

That an intelligence think that the enemy are planning to expand their hold of the land near Australia by taking Noumea.

Time to swing some carriers back towards Wake.

Reports say that we are facing one carrier, with about a hundred planes, if she sticks around to meet my three daughters, this could be our first confirmed carrier kill.

On the other hand, she could be fleeing back to Japan right now. Only time will tell.

I'm also moving as many troops from Fiji to Noumea as quickly as possible, these men will be replace by more troops already on their way. Lets hope they get there in time to make a difference.