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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 860: Operational Report: 14/04/44

To me, this AK looks like a TK. I'm going to tell myself it was full of fuel, which is why it is burning.

The bombers continue to pound the industry at Sappero.

Okay, this is getting annoying, How many months have I held Truk? What have these guys been eating?

Babo will be mine soon.

The airfield at Hangchow is hit once more. I wish I could spread those bombers out a bit more.

I'm going to play the slow game at KIAfeng, and bombard them for a time.

The sustained attack on Rangoon continues.

My base points drop again, we are now nearly 2,500 points behind the Japanese. This is mildly annoying, I mean, what's changed?

I get rid of a load of planes, but the bugged squadrons still stop me from ever seeing political points again.