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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 866: Operational Report: 20/04/44

One of our subs runs into Japanese subhunters.

Hangchow's port gets the visit form the bombers today.

We're seeing near daily attacks on Sappero now.

We make another landing at Sorong, I've been bombing them twice a day for months now, so I hope this works better than last time.

The Japanese make an immediate attack on the men landing, but even with just the first wave ashore, we hold them off, abeat with losses.

I'm hopeful for Sorong this time, I may need to reinforce them however. The carriers are heading back to Pearl to ready for the Rescue Mission. I have some of the returned troops with 100% planning, so they are going out again, in LST's, ready to kick some ass!

Lets see what I've learned.