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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 870: Operational Report: 24/04/44

The Japanese bombers continue their tour of the country.

Rangoon takes some more hits, and the planes on the ground take the brunt of it.

We make an attack at Sorong, but although we have the advantage in troops, we need to crack the fortifications first. So time to wait on the reinforcements.

No sign of our bombers today, but the political points continue to creep up. I spend six of these shifting one of the bugged plane squadrons groups, trying to unbreak it.
Annoyingly, we're losing about 20 points a day on the Japanese – I need to make some more attacks! I'm loading troops to try and save the Iwo-jima men, but this time, I'm using LC class ships.

(Bugged squadrons now fixed, but not of time of writing.)