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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 871: Operational Report: 25/04/44

I've not seen my subs in a while, its nice to know some of them are still working.

Out of nowhere, the Express roars back into life!

They are inaccurate, but the Sapporo bombers make up for that.

Things continue to be interesting on Iwo-jima. Don't worry boys, help is on the way!

Shanghai is bombed as the Japanese react to the reappearance of the feared Shanghai Express.

Rangoon is hit once more by wave after wave of bombers.

Dili falls to our troops, who will be now marching on to Koepang, hitting these Japanese as we march. Its going to be a long road, but I'm not risking any more ships in the area.

That was a fairly good day, another base falls to my troops. Its got no strategic value, but its at least a base! Of course, this means our base points drop by three hundred.

The Iwo Rescue force is on its way! Operation Cockup is a go!