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Part 876: Operational Report: 30/04/44

The Port at Shanhai his hit today, which is fine, as I'm not using it.

I finally get enough bombers into place in Akyab, with the runway repaired, to send an attack run into Moulmein. This is 11 losses for thirteen kills, so not a bad day really.

We advance towards Chiang Mai.

I send the bombers in at 5,000 feet (yes, I was that far ahead), and they blast the hell out of Sapporo! They take more attrition however doing so.

Our first carrier group gets into range of Iwo today, and finds a tanker to hit, and a supply convoy.

The Japanese react to that, but we gun them down in huge numbers.

The Tanker turns out to be a tanker convoy!

The Japanese on Iwo-jima make another attack on our boys, and this one is much more successful.

Our forces in Timor come under attack, but I've moved some fighters into the area.

Things finally start turning my way at Sorong.

We caused a hundred strategic points today, but that was wiped out by the sudden surge in Japanese base points. Everything else was a fantastic day however!
We only got the subchaser as a kill though, all those crippled tankers will have to show up later.