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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 889: Operational Report: 13/05/44

The Subs seem to be springing back into action!

The Tullibee gets two hits on two ships, but takes some damage herself. There are reports of fires in the control room.

The Guam bombers take to the air, and take losses to the massed enemy fighters. This is my main worry for the attack on these islands, and I will need to commit all my carriers and expect to lose one.

The waves keep going in, and we do get some damage on the enemy.

And if we can keep this up, then the enemy ability to put planes into the air will be damaged over time.

There are near a dozen raids, and by the end, the damage is mounting fast.

The Bombers continue to range over Japan.

The enemy target Rangoon again today.

The bombing of Guam has been fairly successful I think, I just have to hope that I can get enough planes into the air tomorrow to continue the damage.