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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 89: Operational Report: 05/03/42

An enemy destroyer makes an night attack on Port Moresby, which is now packed with ships unloading the second wave of troops to defend the city.

The presence of three cruisers limits its attack, but its still able to lay into two of our troopships before our warships are able to get into range. At which point the Isonami flees.

The Skipjack is having a real turkey shoot at the moment, getting another troop carrier today.

The enemy have massed several carriers to hit Batavia, the flack picks up, and we managed to bring one down and damage a whole load more.

We manage to hold them on the ground despite this, even if we do take heavy casualties doing so.

A squadron of Nell's fly over Burma. We only put one Hurricane up into the air, but its enough to net us two kills.

With no battleship to hunt today, the Japanese bombers decide to hit the transports unloading supplies to Eniwetok.

My plan of resting our troops for a couple of days comes to fruition, as our men scour the Japanese from Eniwetok.

Finally we take the second of the objectives.

Unfortunately, the same trick at Kwajalein is nowhere as successful.

We take some losses and are unable to shift them from their fortifications.

Sinyang continues to be a bleeding ground for the Japanese army.

The brought more men than yesterday, but they are still taking heavy losses.

Well, this is the first day since the start of the war where our number of bases controlled has gone up! Add to this their score dropping by a hundred points and their Bases points by 200.
Lets hope this continues.

At Port Moresby, that destroyer could have made a mess of our troops, as it is, we've now unloaded most of the reinforcements into the area.

with 35,000 men defending the base, I would hate to be any Japanese invasion force coming up against these brave Aussie defenders.