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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 895: Operational Report: 19/05/44

The Japanese take another crack at the Rangoon port.

We smash one of those remnant units around once more.

We also start to smack the Japanese around in Thailand. Although its time to rest until those reinforcements come in.

The bombers I've moved up to Sorong make their first raid. This turns into something of a disaster.

The Express rolls into action once more, and this time they target the factories in Nagasaki.

On the other side of the country, we continue to lay waste to the cities.

The Shad continues to be the best Submarine in our fleet, nailing another large tanker.

I make another attack at Kaifeng, and this one comes out in our favour, if only slightly.

I'm going to keep the attacks up at KAIfeng, as we may well be able to win this one now! Apart from that, its business as normal for a few more days.

Wait, the Japanese are planning their own attack at Kaifeng? Yes please!