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Part 896: Operational Report: 20/05/44

I've spread the Express out a bit, but the Japanese are not happy we're bombing their homeland again.

Today’s KAIfeng report is not as good as yesterdays, but its still reducing the Japanese down. We can take these losses for longer than the Japanese.

I wish I could deploy this many fighters, I really do. I just don't have the supplies here, and most other places I am the attacker now.

I get some fighter escort for today's bombing runs, and this is my next target in this theatre.

The Express takes out more factories today, although they are only Petes.

The northern bombers continue their work, and the Japanese finally have fighters in the area.

Although some are more effective than others.

The bombing in Japan is starting to build up now, but I'm not sure the Express will be in it for a long time.
We gained a hundred points on the Japanese and three new ships reported sunk.

Ahh, tankers look good.

By the way, Operation Mwah ha ha! Is now loading.