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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 899: Operational Report: 23/05/44

We continue to slam bombs into Japan.

I can't wait to spread this chaos.

On that front, Operation Mwah Ha Ha! Reaches its destination, the CVE's with the task force make their presence felt.

Getting men ashore is costly, but the men of the 6th Division know that this is a price we must pay.

At Chaing Mai we need to rest our men.

So, I can guess your current question. Why am I bothering to invade some god forsaken island up there in Japan? Its go low points value and no industry. I'll tell you why.

The island, which is undefended, is at maximum bomber range for the liberators. This means that I shall be able to hit the enemies capital from up here!

(yeah, nothing new, but I need to maintain continuity.....)