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Part 90: Operational Report: 06/03/42

Operation Report – 6/3/1942

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The Japanese Navy once more arrive at Wake, this time they have brought two more battleships.

The unloading ships are able to escape with little damage, but the presence of such a major force in the area, would be a major worry. Next group of ships in the area are not so lucky.

I would have been more worried about the appearance of these large ships, if I did not know one thing.
I had not sent the carriers to the area to hunt that Japanese carrier a few days ago.

So as the Battleships lay down fire upon the defenders of Wake, they didn't even expect that their escape route was already blocked by one of our ships.

Annoyingly, bad weather disrupted our scouts, and apart from a garbled communication reporting one of the scout planes “getting a hit on the enemy”, we make no real contact until the afternoon, at which point, fifty planes swoop in on the Japanese force.

This is followed by another large wave by the planes from the other carrier, once more, the battleships are their favoured targets.

At Enitowok, the enemy tell us just because we have taken the island, that doesn't mean that they are planning on letting us keep it without a fight.

The Tuna gets another dud torpedo off the production line.

Batavia gets more visits from the Imperial Air force, once more we avoid ground casualties as the enemy concentrate on the airfields.

They also mass their carrier planes for another attack on the city.

While a raid on Soerabaja meets our brave P400's, and lose another couple of planes.

In Sumatra, a large raid on Djambi leads to us losing a plane to the enemy Zeros'.

Sinyengs price for the Japanese is especially high today, as three thousand of their soldiers are killed or wounded in an attack.

The loss of those ships at Wake cost us a good number of aircraft, and we cannot confirm the sinking on any of those Japanese battleships, but with the damage ours have taken and kept going, I wouldn't be surprised if their still floating.

If we can finish them off tomorrow, then we can claw back some of our recent losses.

We also have a new contender for our best pilot.

Not wanting to be left behind by a yank, J.S. “Mock my name will you” Wigglesworth has come into a solid second place with 9 kills in his hurricane. He's based in Burma, and should be able to hold his own while Wanger continues to chat up the secretary's wherever he is at this time.