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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 905: Operational Report: 29/05/44

The day starts with a run on Wuchang.

Our forces arrive in Hanoi, and pause there for all of a day.

Prome is today’s target, and while its where I am basing a number of my aircraft, the repair crews have only just reached it, and its low on supplies.

Today’s run on Gaum does the job, that's 14 destroyed planes, numerous others damaged and a good number of hits on the airbase and runway.

The Japanese still have planes in the air, but the balloons are doing most of the damage.

We continue the air war over Japan.

This one is a whole load of bombers causing little damage.

Communist Hanoi comes into being today, a little earlier than historically. We also took out a good number of Japanese planes on the ground today, lets hope we can keep the pressure up at Guam before the carriers arrive.