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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 908: Operational Report: 01/06/44

The first of our new invasion wave begins as we land troops at Morotai.

The other force arrives at its destination, but comes under torpedo attack before they can begin landing troops.

Then the Kamikazes come in hard and fast, we are attacking their base. This is the first of about five attacks.

The Morotai also comes under attack, but from far fewer planes.

Rangoon is attacked once more.

The carriers continue to find the odd target and sink it.

The bombers continue their work. I have got a Catalina squadron into the newly conquered base, as it does not need a runway for the seaplanes. So my reports on the area should be improving now.

The troops are landing in the DEI, but the ship damage is mounting. I just don't have the planes in the area to support the attacks, but I'm trying to move as many is as possible at this time. Now that I have the political points to release them!

At least most of the troops are ashore.

Look at this graph. We gained 2000 points on the Japanese this month, and are now only 348 points from overtaking the Japanese and winning the war. If we're not winning by this time next month, I'll be surprised.

Most of these points have come from increased base points.

We took control of seven bases this month, but the graph shows the trend.

To do this, we lost 278 points, while the Japanese lost 440 points worth of men.

We did poorly with our planes this month, losing 211 more planes than the enemy, and over 500 for the month!

On the seas, we have had a dam good month, we lost three ships and the Japanese lost twenty five!

Finally, I'm going to show you how the strategic bombing is ramping up.

You can see the periods of Shanghai express activity, and when the bombers started in the north.

Thats me done for another month!