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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 910: Operational Report: 03/06/44

The first of our carriers arrive at Guam.

In one of the largest air battles of the war, over 160 Japanese planes take to the air against 150 of ours. The battle is as bloody as you would expect.

We lost two planes! And the Japanese only 15! this is horrendous! They send in more bombers, but our CAP is impenetrable.

Japanese planes continue to tumble from the sky as the day goes on.

We do get some hits in on the runway, but at a higher cost.

At Saipan, we find and sink the Kashima.

We also take out a couple of troop ships.

Then the morning flight period ends. The afternoon carries on as before.

Over at Kendari we lose some more ships.

I try a shock attack on Morotai.

While all this is happening, we continue to bomb Japan.

KAIfeng goes poorly, but we come out on top on destroyed squads.

The Japanese defenders at Haiphong last all of a day.

Well, that was a brutal day, we lost four ships, but we took out three Japanese including a cruiser. In the air, the Japanese lost over three hundred planes today, to our own hundred.

Barring that, we gained a whopping 1,500 points. Do you know what this means? Do you?

It means that after 910 updates, and two years and a half years of playing. I'm now, officially, winning the war.

Yeah, I'm in this for the long game. Oh yeah, and on that note, its new LP time!