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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 912: Operational Report: 05/06/44

During the night, some of our carriers see some escorts fleeing from them.

At Kendari, our ships refuse my orders to get the hell out of there.

The killing of the Imperial Air Force in the Marianas continues. There is noticeably less Japanese planes in the air today.

They do still have some planes, but nothing that is a threat to us.

We continue to level the airfields at Pagan....


and Tinian.

Our forces at Morotai need to rest up.

We get a plane into the air over Rangoon.

We continue our work up here.

Japanese AV at KIAfeng is dropping fast now.

The Japanese airforce at Guam is broken now, I just need to make sure it never recovers before the invasion force arrives. Our base points drop by about 1,000, putting the Japanese back in the lead! I still have most of the month to make this up.