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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 914: Operational Report: 07/06/44

The Japanese continue to bomb Rangoon.

We continue to push forwards at Chiang Mai.

We see the Express take to the air once more.

We also continue our attacks on the other side of the country.

We see some more fighting over the Marianas.

We drive off another suicide attack on our carriers.

Followed quickly by another.

The third uses four engine bombers, and this once gets a number of strikes on our ships. This is one carrier group I'm going to have to pull out.

Our bombers continue to concentrate on Pagan.

The Japanese AV at KIAfeng continues its drop, and we're starting to reduce down their fire-power rapidly now.

Not so good a day, the hordes of Japanese Kamikaze’s were going to get through at some point. We lost two of the freighters hit yesterday at Akyab.

The hit carrier group is pulling back to Pearl. The second group will continue operations in support, and group three is near Rabaul, and will be rearming and heading back out in (hopefully) the next 24 hours. The landings will begin soon.