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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 916: Operational Report: 09/06/44

At Guam, it seems we arrived just before a Japanese force. Without warships, they flee.

The game then has a fit, I see ten more of these fleets, and soon my ships are opening fire upon them.

The Japanese continue to scurry, like rats abandoning a sinking ship. Come morning, the send in planes and hit one of our CVE's.

More planes come in, and this is the gap in my air cover, the carriers having snuck a little further south than I expected.

Having determined the main point of air resistance, I set the Liberators to hit Tinian.

I open up the attacks at Morotai once more.

The advance into Indochina continues.

Another block of units in Burma is forced into retreat by our brave forces.

I new we were going to take some damage at Guam, and it began today.

The damage is not that bad at this time, and we have half the troops we need ashore, and the battle will begin tomorrow, I think we will have a good superiority by then. The carrier group has been ordered back into support range, and the refuelled one is heading back on station.

Those sunk landing boats don't count on the ships sunk list it seems. At least we can see a good number on the lists.