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Part 917: Operational Report: 10/06/44

The sillyness of the massed landing boats continues at Guam. I then get a load of messages telling me they have all moved up to Saipan.

We continue to see numerous Japanese waves on our troops on Guam.

They of course break through once more.

On their way back into the combat zone, the other carrier group hits Woleai.

The fighting on Guam begins, and things are looking fairly close here. The Japanese forts are going to be key here it seems.

The enemy try to bomb Urrupa-jima, but I've transferred the fighters from the CVE's to the airfield there, and they do a bang up job of protecting the airfield.

The next wave sees one of our ships – I'm unloading a hell of a lot more seabeas onto the island.

The Japanese keep sending in waves, and something has to get through at some point.

They start to do damage, but its costly for them.

We continue our bombing runs.

We continue our attacks at Chiang Mai.

Lots of suicide attacks today, but we also took out a large number of Japanese planes. At least with Kamikaze attacks, a successful one means no more planes for a week while the squadrons try and replace those losses.
We're back to within 600 points of the Japanese score. We get a tanker confirmed from weeks ago, but the base points are not recovering yet, so this is all the good type of points.