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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 918: Operational Report: 11/06/44

The Japanese go after our carriers again, but with no losses we send off the first attack.

The next wave is unescorted bombers, and gets cut to pieces.

Then they send out the large force.

Thankfully its a conventional attack, and takes heavy losses with no hits.

They keep sending in waves, and we keep shooting them down, but my nerves are getting frayed, waiting for the hit.

Somehow, we keep getting lucky.

The Enterprise's carrier group is now on station, and the Bunkerhill's group will go to resupply.

We continue the attack at Morotai

Dam those killer balloons!

Here to we come under attack by large number of Japanese planes, but they trade twenty one planes for one hit.

Oh my nerves. On the plus side, that's another 230+ Japanese planes we don't have to worry about any more! Our own losses are much more modest.
Its just not that much fun to watch.
I also realized that the commanders for two of the units on Guam are useless, so I replace them today.

Its not all good news though.