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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 919: Operational Report: 12/06/44

The Skipjack takes a load of hits.

At Urippu-Jima, the Japanese begin to use Zeros as suicide planes.

We continue the bombing campaign further inland.

We drive off a Japanese ship hunting the Enterprise. I know there are more carriers in that group, but lets face it, you only care about one of them!

The Japanese sneak more bombers past our CAP, and the Nassau takes the brunt of it.

When they go for some proper carriers however, they get butchered.

Our strike on Pagan is a little pitiful.

We take out some fortifications at Morotai.

On Guam, we need to rest up until we get fresh troops, incoming from Rabaul.

Chiang Mai continues to go our way, but the Japanese refuse to break.

The Liscome Bay succumbs to her wounds.

A shame, but I've got to give you guys something to complain about.