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War in the Pacific

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Part 92: Operational Report: 08/03/42

Changsha comes in for a battering today, as once more the Japanese air force tries to keep an empty runway inoperable.

At Singyang, the enemy switch from costly frontal attacks to a much more effective bombardment of our men. I'm going to check our supplies tomorrow to see if we can afford to respond in this duel,

A couple of our Aircobras disrupt an air raid south of Soerabaja, netting themselves a kill in the process.

The days carrier raid on Soerabaja goes poorly for the Japanese, as they lose four planes for one of ours, but still manage to sink a ship in the harbour

We lose some more men today as some of then soldiers in the centre of the island surrender to the enemy without a fight.

The mopping up operations in the Philippines flare up today as the Japanese land troops on Zamboanga to try and shift our defenders there. Little is accomplished today, but its a slow news day, so you get to hear about it.

A very uneventful day – the carriers have lost the battleships, and are returning to base, and everyone else in the air decided to take the day off.

The Lexington has made it back to Pearl, and now faces over a month of repairs. Also shown are the battleships, who still have a much longer time to go.