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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 920: Operational Report: 13/06/44

One of the few remaining short range bases (Pagan?) hits our battleships.

Although Guam is still active.

It would be nice if I could order my Marines to take the airfeild.

At least there is no massed air cover as I originally feared.

We continue to suppress as many airfields as possible.

The attack on Guam is brutal. I need to hit this more.

The Japanse have not given up bombing in Burma, but I've been a bit distracted, and its not been very interesting – this is a large raid however.

Sapporo is hit once more.

The surprise today is no land battles! This is a real rarity, but everyone is moving or resting today.
At Guam, the first invasion force is now almost unloaded, and will be heading back tomorrow, I'm moving the carriers to Rabaul before I send them and all the troops from Rabaul in to tip the balance.

Until then, they will be bombarding.