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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 923: Operational Report: 16/06/44

There is a night attack on Truk which causes some damage.

Our Invasion fleet is off now, but the Japanese get some final hits in.

We do make them pay for them however.

I think the Japanese squadrons got their reinforcements. Its going to be fun sending in the next wave of attackers.

We bomb Tinian once more, trying to keep their heads down.

The words “Internal Explosion” (not captured here) are something you never want to see on a sub.

We return with bombs.

Rangoon sees a large assault in its skies. Tavoy looks like the base.

Marcus island is bombed.

I kick off again at KIAfeng, and the Japanese defence is lower than our AV! Its time to butcher those defenders.

In Indochina, we come across the remains of that force we have been chasing. They are obliterated.

The air field at Urrupa-jima is now at level 2, so we may see bombers taking off soon.

The ships leaving Guam are battered, but in no danger.