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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 925: Operational Report: 18/06/44

The Subs continue to do their work well.

The Triton makes sure of the kill.

We see off the kamikazes once more.

It seems that the Japanese have moved a cruiser into the area, I fight the urge to send my battleships off after it.

Strategic bombing continues. And the tempo is now increasing.

The Japanese respond to this with a strike on the airfield, but the flak and fighters butcher them as they come in.

Prome is today’s target it seems.

I try at shock attack on Chiang Mai, before resting the troops.

Up north, I call this a fair fight.

We make some advances at Morotai.

The damaged carrier group has arrived back at Pearl.

Repairs are now underway, but all the major ships will be back online in about a month.

The others have arrived at Rabaul, and are replacing their lost planes, and I'm loading the troops for the next wave. They will set off in a few days.