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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 928: Operational Report: 21/06/44

Prome is hit once more.

We hit Chiang Mai once more, but will need to rest up now. Its annoying that they are taking heavy losses, but refuse to retreat!

We hit the airfield at Guam, the Marines refuse to take it.

The men on Morotai are not so reserved.

We hit the enemy at Sian again, and another thousand of their men are taken out. We also recive reports that the remaining men are surrounded.

Japanese losses at KIAfeng are twice our own, so another attack is ordered for tomorrow.

We take an unoccupied base in China, and move towards -200 points. We shall be winning the war by the end of the month I feel.

Dear intelligence. (no, I shall not capitalize it.)

Those 22,313 men on Urrupu-jima? THEIR BLOODY MINE YOU MORONS.