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War in the Pacific

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Part 933: Operational Report: 26/06/44

The Guavina gets a hit, but then pays for it.

The bombers probe a new target, but lose a couple of planes to the defenders.

The Express bomber bomb deeper into Japan than we have ever bombed before.

The Japanese seem to alternate their attack form Rangoon to Prome.

We try and bomb Tinian once more but the Japanese have replenished their fight support.

They make an attack on one of our incoming forces, but even though they hit us with around a hundred planes, we lose but one. Their forces go home with near 20% losses.

The next wave only has a few fighters protecting it, and suffers for it.

The next wave shows that the turkey shoot is set to continue.

The next wave sees a ship, but gets shot down by flak.

Poor unescorted bastards.

Our bombers are not inactive either.

Although I will be demoting whoever ordered this attack.

In Timor, we catch up with the Japanese we are chasing, and send them running once more with heavy losses.

Woo-hoo! We're back in action at the Marianus islands! That's a grand total of 198 kills today. For those wanting a top pilots list, you'll get that at the end of the month.
We are now 300 points in the lead, took a base off the Japanese, and sank three ships.

The base we took was in Indochina, and was completely undefended. Time to march south!