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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 936: Operational Report: 29/06/44

There is a night attack on our carriers, but the flak deals with them.

They then send in a sub, it bounces a dud off the Isherwood, then gets savaged.

I then try bombarding Tinian, but don't get much in the way of damage reports. Before anyone asks, they have plenty of ammunition, they spent very little on the last bombardment.

The air war begins once more. This time the task force containing the Enterprise is the main target.

I almost feel sorry for these pixillated airmen.

Almost. They are soon sending in small waves of unescorted bombers, but this is not the only place they are losing planes.

We even get the chance to sweep the islands.

The other task force targets a cargo ship.

This draws the ire of the Japanese afternoon attacks. When I say ire, I mean frantic and uncoordinated attacks.

They try an bombing run on our men in Guam, but pay for that as well.

The Express hits Nagasaki once more.

I don't remember ordering this attack. On the other hand, at least I'm flying in air supplies now, I just wanted to build them up a little more.

Its back to resting at KIAfeng.

That's another 170 planes to the tally for the month. The Japanese are going to be smarting after this one. Its more the loss of pilots that's going to tell. You can see they have no more skilled pilots left in their pool, attrition being that high over the previous two years. Also the 23 destroyed on the field must be from the bombardment attack.
The bombardment for still has a little ammo, so I'm sending them back into Guam for one last go.