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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 937: Operational Report: 30/06/44

Our subs continue to do good work.

Tanker! Tanker tanker tanker tanker!

We slam the last of the ammo from the bombardment fleet into Guam.

Here we go again!

This is just painful to watch.

They soon devolve into small attacks, and we being sweeping the islands, I think this one sums up the situation.

outnumbered seven to one, and we still come out on top.

I also begin to suppress other airfields in the area.

The carriers find a convoy, and wreck it.

An attack on Pagan costs us more planes, but we cause a lot of damage here as well.

We then go in again, and finish off the wounded targets.

We also see off another bombing run on Guam.


Hey! I told you guys to stop!

Yet another good day! Only 77 kills for 39 losses, but we got a few ship kills.

Hmm, ten ships for one loss. That is what I count as a good day.

Decoy Badger posted:

If Chiang Mai can't even be supplied by road, how can cutting across Thailand be expected to supply all of China? Is going around the coast necessary to get road supply?

I need to get supplies into Rangoon to get supplies to Chuang mai, but I can't send any ships into the port without them getting kamikazed, so until I can take some of the airfields, I'm kinda stuck.