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Part 938: Operational Report: 01/07/44

We begin unloading fresh troops at Guam.

The Japanese have been keeping planes in reserve, as they send in a huge number of bombers. But the few pilots and the flak gunners have a good day, and only two hit our ships. Of course, they hit the British battleship. Doing this, they lose near half their force.

The next wave has the larger planes, and although they take heavy losses, they also do much more damage, and sink one of the LST's.

Many more flights come in, and the number of hits mount on the task force, and I have to ask where the bloody CAP is, there are two carriers on station, but they have not put many planes into the air!
They do come under attack however.

Finally they deal with a proper threat, but the damage to the task force is done, as the number of sinking reports begins to rise.

We trade a tanker kill for the Greenling

We take another base in China.

We also take the last Japanese base in northern Burma.

Well, crap. Look at those operational losses for Japan, 94 planes, plus 62 air to air losses.
Although we took two bases today, we also lost a hell of a lot of ships as the carriers fail to do their jobs properly.

Here is the list of top pilots. Its changed a fair bit since we last saw it.

What a terrible, terrible month, The Japanese are advancing once more, I lost the [i]Enterprise[i/] and I'm currently in hospital from being shived four times in an hour.

Wait, that was just last night nightmare.

Yeah, that's more like it, we made over three thousand points last month, and if we can keep that up, we're good. We now sit eight hundred points in the lead. It may not be much, but after three years, it feels great.
We took five bases, but its only once we hit the air that things get really interesting. Firstly, the bad news, we lost 1029 planes last month.

The Japanese however, lost 2224, over two to one losses, while not as nice as I would have liked, its still crippling losses in manpower to the enemy, as I can replace every plane with a 40 skill pilot, while they get a 20 skill one.

We lost 391 points of ground units to the Japanese 578. This is a good ratio as well.

Ships lost total thirty for us, and thirty six confirmed for the Japanese, which is a acceptable ratio as well.

All in all, a good month, time to rack it up.