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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 939: Operational Report: 02/07/44

The carriers see off another attack on them, and should be in position to prevent a repeat of yesterday.

We see a return to previous days, and planes once more start dropping from the air.

We start sweeping the airfields once more.

As well as dealing with the afternoon attacks.

I was able to move a large number of bombers from the Marianias islands to Truk. These come into action today and make their presence felt.

I begin the attack on Guam once more. This is costly, but at least it makes some progress.

Prome's airfield is rendered useless once more. I'm in the position here where I can't get enough people into the air to gain air superiority with the bases I have.

The bombers begin their work over Japan once more.

The Japanese have marched some men in to break the seige of KIAfeng, we block them.

That's better, nothing rammed into my ships today. We're nearly 1000 points ahead of the Japanese now, and taking the lead steadily.