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by Grey Hunter

Part 940: Operational Report: 03/07/44

Yesterday Uruppu-Jima's airfield reached size 3, at the moment I'm resting all the bombers here, but soon they will be ready for action. The Japanese make a night attack on the airfield.

The Greyback gets herself another kill.

The enemy try for another strike on the unloading troopships, and this time we have planes waiting for them.

We drive off many waves, all of them fairly small.

Well, except for this one that appears right after I typed that last statement. We cut this unescorted wave to pieces.

The bombers hit Tinian once more, and this is keeping a good number of the Japanese fighters on the defensive.

Prome is defiantly the enemies target of choice.

I'm getting to like these turkey shoots. They make for interesting days. I'm sending the first carrier group back to refuel now, so they can be back before the other one runs out of fuel.