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by Grey Hunter

Part 943: Operational Report: 06/07/44

The Hoe continues her ineffectual attacks, maybe she's trying to become a thread favourite.

Oh fuck. This could get interesting......

Dawn arrives, and so dos a massed strike from Pagan. We kill them in droves, but I'm not worried about them.

We then see off some Jacks and Jills.

I use my Truk bombers to support the attacks on Guam, but the enemy still seem to be able to get fighter cover up.

I see more air attacks in the afternoon, and I continue to brace for a carrier borne attack.

The bombers hit Prome once more, I need to deal with those deep airfields.

We have a fairly good day at Chaing Mai, but we still are now outnumbered here by the defenders.

The northern bombers have been quiet for a time, but I reactivate them today.

We hit the Lily factory again, and cause some minor damage.

I then order the Havoc's to try some attacks on Japan's manpower. It seems to be fairly effective, if only on a small target.

Somehow, the day ends with no carrier action, and I have to take stock of the situation. We took
out another seventy Japanese planes, but I only have one carrier group on station.

We only have 155 carrier planes, the Intrepid is nearly empty. That said, all these guys are veterans. I decide to leave them in the area, and take the risk.