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Part 948: Operational Report: 11/07/44

The bombardment force hits Pagan, one of the main sources of Japanese planes in the area, and we see them blow holes in the airfield and the port. This should slow the enemy down.

That said, Tinian and Saipan also have their own share of fighters and bombers. Up until this point.

We see more enemies in the sky today, but that just means more kills.

The bombers mass for a strike on the defenders of Guam, they lose a plane, but hit the enemy ground positions.

The fighting on the Island continues to go well.

We hit the Pete factory again.

The Hake gets a hit on a tanker coming out of the Philippines.

This is interesting, someone in the thread mentioned Kiukiang, where I have been bombarding them daily for a year, it seems that the defenders AV is falling, and I shall try an attack tomorrow. I expect heavy losses, but it needs to be tried at some point.

And it is defiantly time to rest up at KIAfeng.

Another turkey shoot day! Its just that the Japanese are (somewhat) running out of planes. I like this feeling.