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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 95: Operational Report: 11/03/42

The Japanese subs continue to have a good time with our ships moving between the west coast and Pearl.

This one is even brave enough to make a surface attack on one of our supply ships.

At Wake, a cruiser sails into range and fires several shells at the defenders, but causes nothing more than a loss of a nights sleep for the defenders.

The enemy make another attack on Eniwetok, but the flack we have there is to strong, and once more drives the planes off without letting one of them make an attack run on the ships unloading supplies there.

Our first cruiser raiding party in a while steams into Rossel Island, catching the unloading ships there by surprise.

We sink the two warships and leave the two cargo ships burning wrecks, thus preventing the enemy from fortifying their position around this potentially valuable island.

Off Makassar, the KXIV continues to do the Dutch Navy proud by hitting a supply ship.

The Japanese may be using Bandjermasin to refuel and rearm their carriers, as we have some Vals pay a visit from that area.

Although this says we only got one kill, the combat report itself shows two planes being downed.
They certainly have at least two of the thing nearby.

Batavia is once more assaulted, but manages to hold out for another day.

But at Koepang, the enemy sweeps away our defenders and takes the island from us.

We also lose Sebang in Sumatra to the Japanese advances.

The Sealion continues to curse the faulty torpedoes as they miss a kill off the coast of Japan.

At Sinyang, the Imperial Army returns to bombarding our troops, not wanting to continue to send their own men into the meat grinder for no effect

The Japanese score continues to rise as base after base falls into their hands.

At least the ship losses page is looking healthy – those PT boats are ones driven out of the Philippines that are now sinking from lack of fuel and repairs.

I have nothing else to talk about today, all plans are in motion, and nothing needs modification. So I'll bid you farewell until tomorrow.