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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 950: Operational Report: 13/07/44

The Bombardment force hits Tinian, and this seems to be the place where the enemy are basing their planes. I shall reload and hit this base again. I shall also switch the bombers to hitting here.

We then settle down into the normal turkey shoot.

What's this? I have more planes in the air? Maybe things are changing!

It seems that the men in Tavoy are drawing all the fire now.

We get a single hit upon the factories of Sapporo.

The Japanese attack at Kiukiang. Their AV is down from 1300 yesterday to 780 today, and that is before they take these losses. I may actually be able to win this one!

The situation in China is getting interesting once more, and we are getting ready for more advances in various areas. I need to take Guam though, this will give me the opportunity to bomb the rest of the islands and move north.

Of course, the great crusade must continue. We do get two Japanese freighters in the ops report though.