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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 956: Operational Report: 19/07/44

The Japanese are spreading their bombing runs around now.

The softening up of Ternate begins today.

The carriers see off a number of small attacks.

We see ten to fifteen of these attacks over the course of the day.

The AV at Gaum is now in our favour, and we will soon be seeing this battle come to an end I think. Well, within a few weeks. You all know how these Japanese like to cling on to lost causes. Its almost like they have some sort of warrior culture!

The Express bombs inland, but gets no reported hits.

Fighting flares up in Tientsin.

The battle of KIAfeng is over! Up yours everyone who said “ooh Grey, you need to wait!” I was never going to get the supplies to rebuild properly, and now I can advance once more!

Where the Japanese attacked me yesterday, I counter attack today, and send them running.

In Indochina, I decide to use my overwhelming manpower to try a shock attack, this costs me some men,but brings down the enemies fortifications, I shall try this again once more.

That was a fantastic day in China, we're causing them some real damage now. The KAIfend men are marching north-east now, and after a long speedbump, the great Chinese march to victory is back on! And we've taken out a huge number of men – remember. The KIAfeng stack began at over 100,000 men on both sides.

If only I could get them supplies.