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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 958: Operational Report: 21/07/44

We move forward to our next DEI target, with carrier support, but we nearly lose the light carrier to a Japanese sub!

The I-25 then comes back and has a go at the British carrier.

We then gun down the first attack wave – but we have less fighters, and I worry about the next wave to come in.

I see another couple of attacks, as well as a few more on the incoming invasion force.

We also support the invasion from the air.

The subduing on Tinian continues to go well.

The carriers see off some minor waves of enemy aircraft.

Guam sees another good day, the collapse cannot be far away, we have a 10-1 AV before adjustment, and only 1-2 odds when it is adjusted.

The Japanese don't mess around with today's attack on Prome.

We continue the strategic bombing campaign.

The Avengers find another supply convoy.

Why did I order this attack a week ago (last time I played.)?

Apart from a wasteful attack in China, another good day with lots of air kills.

Intel are claiming the sub, but I'm not sure yet.