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Part 960: Operational Report: 23/07/44

Hell Yeah.

I know this this is not going to sink her, but its going to put her back into dry dock for a few weeks at least.
We continue our work over Sapporo.

Troops start unloading across the area, and we continue to drop enemy planes at a decent rate.

Down at Ternate, we take a hit, but gun down a large number of enemy planes.

The bombers continue to support the attacks.

Only Japanese numbers on Guam keep them in any form of combat readiness.

Things go just as well further up the chain, where the Japanese at Tinian are low on supplies and of poor quality, and will not last long. Even their level 5 forts cannot save them here.

Ternate to will be mine soon.

Ships unloading at Marcus Island are hit by kamikazes.

Things are getting better and better in Burma.

With reinforcements, only my lack of supplies will slow the advance at Chaing Mai.

So, on top of the succesful attacks of the day, the numerous air kills and the torpedoed enemy carrier, I also learn that the airfield at Urrupu-jima is now level 4, so this has been a dam good day for me.
I ran this update on Friday the 13th, so here is the bad luck.

Meh, I'll take that for the hit on the carrier any day.