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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 962: Operational Report: 25/07/44

Shoot straight at tankers please.

The bombers hit the engine factory again, but in smaller numbers.

We hit Asahikawa again, and more of the city burns.

Really burns.

The bombers do their work over Tinian, but it seems that their carriers are chasing ours!

Our ships send planes out to hit a damaged freighter.

We are reloading the ships at Ternate, but lose one to a kamikaze attack.

The Japanese forces at Guam continue to collapse.

Without supplies, there is little the Japanese can do to oppose me at Tinian.

That was a better day, we're doing some good damage over Japan, and unless those carriers are the van of a counter-invasion force, two of the islands will soon be ours.