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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 964: Operational Report: 27/07/44

We Jump from Ternate to Manado, but the carrier cannot stop a very accurate level bomber attack on the fleet.

The ships here come under constant attacks for the whole day, and a few hits more hits are made, I miss the Kamikaze attack that sinks a destroyer.

We only get a few men ashore, and one of the units is forced to surrender – more troops should unload overnight, the task force arrived after the unload phase – the worst possible timing!

I want to keep Tinian airfield down so I can destroy all the planes there when we take the island.

The men at Guam are keener than I am, and we are now in the lead in adjusted AV.

Now the men at Tinian need to rest.

We still have planes in the air here, which is confusing me.

I think I've burned enough of Asahikwa for now, so I'll switch the targets, this is a lot of manpower hits though.

I hate Kamikaze’s. There is nothing I can really do to stop them – barring moving the carrier in closer in support.

“Radio Transmissions detected at Eniwetok”

Yeah. No comment.