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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 965: Operational Report: 28/07/44

The Lionfish gets its first hit.

We bomb the engine factory once more.

We also hit Sapporo.

I told these guys to hit the industry, but apparently firebombing is just to much fun!

The carriers strike north and get a valuable ship, but I would have rather they defended the transports. This also shows you how close I have come to the Philippines.

They also savage a tanker and sink an escort.

The afternoon comes around, and we sink another ship.

The carriers wander a little to far north, and leave the troop transports to get savaged.

Keep those runways down men!

The Japanese bombardment goes horribly wrong, our counter battery fire blows one quarter of the remaining defenders apart.

Apparently, this includes most of their remaining combat troops, as their AV drops like a stone.

The Japanese attack at Manado, but we have more men ashore now.

A good day in Guam, but we are losing a lot of ships near the Philippines. I can;t pull them out now without abandoning the troops.

The LST is rare, but not that valuable it seems.