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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 968: Operational Report: 31/07/44

One of the ships hit yesterday nearly makes it to port, then takes two more torps.

The bombers can't hit anything at Sapporo today.

We don't see many planes over Rangoon today.

The Japanese counter attack at Kiukiang, and take heavy losses – note that their AV is down two hundred points from yesterday, so my attacks seem to be doing some good.

We take Luangprabang, and I no longer have to avoid typing the name out.

We grind down the remaining men at Guam.

I try a shock attack, and do some great damage at Tinian.

Another day, another base falls into my hands. Things are going far to well, and I expect a battleship to sink any day now. Just spontaneously explode in harbour.