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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 969: Operational Report: 01/08/44

To the east of the Marianas, we take out a supply ship. With extreme prejudice.

We then see off a raid on one of our bases.

The Guam bombers make their debut, but its not that impressive.

The carriers are coming back on station, and begin by hitting a near empty island.

We continue to overwhelm the Tinian defenders.

I moved some B-29's to Guam as well, and they take off for their first raid today. They take some losses, but get some hits.

The Japanese send in another wave at Kiukiang.

So I decided to start the month with the first raid on Tokyo, I'm going to move more planes in now, and then I'm going to try and firebomb the city, to see how effective that will be. Those ten hits get us near a hundred points though today, its just my shortage of heavy bombers that’s going to hurt me.

Well, we overtook the Japanese by 737 points this month, which could be better, but at least it firmly cements our lead. We took five bases, but there was little change in the base point number.

This cost us 732 points of troops and the Japanese 789. A lot of these are in China, but the Island assaults add a fair few.

We lost 860 planes to the Japanese 2134, that’s a massive 1274 extra kills, and over a 2-1 kill ratio in one month alone.

When the line goes up near vertically, you know you are doing your job right!
Ship losses are low, 29 for us and 28 for the Japanese.

And here is the current territory map.