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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 970: Operational Report: 02/08/44

We see one of the minisubs, and blow it to hell.

Our own sub is a bit more effective.

Our Urrupu-jima bombers hit Yokohama today, they take losses, but they get a good number of hits on the Hitachi factory.

The Havoc's blow some more holes in Asahikawa.

Hitting Tokyo is going to be costly however.

We strike Tinian with our dive bombers, but they have replaced their lost planes – we need the carriers in here to secure the area once more.

As if by magic, the carriers arrive, and butcher the force.

Their attempts to get our ships are met with the normal pattern.

The Tinian force needs to rest now, their performance is slacking, and the Japanese supplies are now at the bottom of the sea.

Another good day, I'm going to rest the B-29's, so I can replace their losses before trying a massive attack on Japan. I need another island to get more planes, I've already over stacked Guam as it is. Two hundred points of strategic damage is great though, and we gained 320 points overall. Once I have the planes to do this properly, you can see how my score is going to jump.

This helps a lot as well.

But Tokyo is burning, even if it is massively defended.